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Inland Plastics™ Bee Hive Winter Covers are manufactured using Super tough Woven Poly Fabric. Tests prove that mice give few problems and other animals do not destroy the covers! The fabric is reinforced and treated against the suns harmful UV rays. Inland Plastics™ Beehive Covers are designed for many years worth of use. Our covers install quickly and easily!  Standard covers wrap around and attach quickly using high strength dee rings brass spur grommets.

Our winter covers can be manufactured with a single layer , double layer or more of Bonded Polyester Fill. Single fill will provide an R4 rating while a double fill will provide an R8 thermal rating.

We offer standard designs but custom designs can easily be accommodated.

Bee Hive Covers     Bee Hive Covers

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More and more farmers are enlisting the help of leaf cutter bee's to aid in pollination of both alfalfa and canola crops, but the fragile bee's need all the help they can get to protect them from the intense rays of the summer sun.  Inland Plastics™ manufactures tough, UVI resistant bee hut covers, made to order according to the unique specifications of farmers across the prairies.

Bee Hive Leaf Cutters 
Bee Hive Leaf Cutters  Bee Hive Leaf Cutters 

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