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Multi Purpose Buildings

MP Plus Econo Garage 
Universal Cover


postheadericon Multi Purpose Garage

A unit that serves every purpose from storing vehicles to hosting a back yard event.  It also doubles as an outdoor trade show booth or is ideal for an outdoor market stand!

11.5' W x 20'L

  • All Season Unit
  • Building Easily Converts Into 26' x 20' L Event Shelter!
  • Sides Roll Up!
  • Everything Included!
  • Strong Steel Powder Coated Frame Design
  • Superior Wind And Snow Resistance
  • 74" High Doors To Fit 4 x 4's
  • Easy To Assemble
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fire Retardant Covers
  • Water Proof Covers

Product Code
 MP1120  MP Garage 11.5' x 20'
 Set of Covers
 MPT1120  Top Covers

Multi Purpose Garage Brochure
Multi Purpose Garage Instructions


postheadericon Multi Purpose Plus Garage

One of our fastest and easiest buildings to install.  It is perfect for the cottage, it can fit a 26' long boat.  Ideal for storing jet skis or all the toys at the lake.


 11.5'W x 26.5'L

  • Ideal For Boat Storage
  • Comes Complete
  • Everything Is Included
  • Quick Assembly
  • Powder Coated 2" Heavy Duty Steel Frame.

Product Code
 MPPLUS  11.5' x 26.5'

Multi Purpose Plus Brochure
Multi Purpose Plus Instructions


postheadericon MP Econo Garage

 Ideal for smaller storage requirements.  It is perfect for the cottage or storing that classic car for the winter.  The Econo Garage is put together in a few hours.

10'10"W x 20'L

  • Green Top - Fits Cottage Environment, White Ends - to Provide Light
  • Extra Long Life Heavier Cover
  • Safety Velcro Fasteners on Zipper Door
  • Large 1 7/8" Pipe Frame with 2" Pipe Joiners
  • Powder Coated Steel
  • Extra Long Ground Pegs
  • Ground Flap to Secure Building Against Wind (Gravel Cover Best)
  • Quick Up with Elbows & Joiners
  • Loop in Door Bottom for Pipe (Door Crank Assembly Extra)
  • Complete with Everything in a Box
  • 80" High Door
  • Can Add 6'6" Increments To The Length With A Special Order

Product Code
 MPECONOGARAGE  10'10" x 20'

MP Econo Garage Brochure
MP Econo Garage Instructions


postheadericon Universal Cover

This is the most cost effective way to replace an aging cover and pro long the life of an existing building.  It comes with high UVI inhibitors and a two year warranty!

  • Fits Most 10' or 11' Wide by 20' Tubular Frame Units (No Ends Provided)
  • High Level of Ultraviolet Inhibitors In The Fabric To Give Long Life
  • Easy To Install
  • Forest Green Color - So It Blends With The Environment
  • All Hardware and Rope Is Supplied
  • Two Year Warranty With Proper Installation

Product Code
 MPUNIVERSALCOVER Universal Cover 10' or 11' x 20' buildings
Universal Cover Brochure
Universal Cover Instructions

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