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postheadericon Presto Garage

Presto Units:
  • Are wood framed made from high quality Canadian lumber! 
  • Their covers last between 7-13 years! 
  • Come complete - Anchors, Frame, Covers, Hardware - Everything! 
  • All angles are pre-cut - simple needs assembly. 
  • Easily assembled by the customer.
  • Come with large drive in doors. 
  • Made in Canada! 
  • No foundation is required - Just need a level area. 
  •  Are attractively designed! 
  • Unique frame design proven for over 30 years!
  • Longer lengths are available beyond the standard lengths mentioned.


postheadericon Single Presto Garage

Perfect for storing recreational toys, protect your favorite summer car or storing your boat for the winter.  It comes with a large drive in door.


  • 11' x 20' Standard. Longer units are available.  2" x 3" wood frame.
  • Makes an ideal storage for a car, boat and etc. 
  • The Single Presto can convert into a green house. 
  • It is easy to assemble. Inexpensive and durable! 
  • Easy to access door that is 8.5'W x 6'8"H with a quick locking door system. 
  • Other colors are available.

Product Code
 11' x 20'
PGU1124MG  11' x 24' (Doors on both sides)

Single Presto Garage Brochure
Single Presto Garage Instructions